A Division of the Perth PC Users Group Inc.

Convener: Tom Docherty
Venue: The Jack Healy Centre, Mead Street Kalamunda.
Date/Time: Meeting the third Thursday of the month except January.
7-00pm to 9-00pm.
Remuneration: $4-00 for Members and Visitors.
General Meeting Profile: Starting with the main Demonstration then a tea break.
Then Q and A.



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 July 21st

"I've done it. I've finally done it after months of procrastination. I've upgraded to Windows 10. The good, the bad and the ugly."

Presented by Trisha Moss

 August 2016

 September 15th

Tonight we will be looking at
 what Excel can do for you.

and the usual Q and A.
comealong and bring a Friend.

 October 2016


 November 17th
Ruth is giving a presentation on "Homeshare" and although it does not have much to do with computing, it is of great interest to the Community and in particular, Seniors.  It is little known about locally but it is hoped that will change and that the scheme will become available here.   

Ruth hopes for a great turn out of members now that the nights are lighter and she says that the information could be invaluable to you. She herself is excited about it. 
So, if you haven’t been to a Sig meeting for a while this might be the meeting to start with.





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