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Dianella SIG May 15th 2017

Peter opened the meeting and spoke about his new keyboard he got from Officeworks this keyboard and mouse is wireless by the plugin into the computer and you have no cables messing up the desk.

Some keyboards can be used on your iPad PC and Android device.

Peter mentioned the enhanced reality of shops whare you can wear a headset (virtual Reality) and look at the clothes goods and things you don’t have to walk around the store, you can just stand in one place.Alf spoke about a new VR set of glasses he is going to get and some are getting quite technical.

We spoke a length about this 3D virtual glasses and if you only have one eye then it's not worth buying for the 3D experience but in actual fact with one eye in real life your one good eye and your brain converts what you see into 3D although your depth perception will be out until you get used to things. You really need two eyes to judge distance accurately. The other point is we all see in black and white but your brain converts the vision into colour and with one eye that still works.

We spoke about the drone races in Brisbane with the inboard camera that makes it feel you are in the drone. The competitor's race between pilots and height restrictors and travel in excess of 120 KLM. Something worth seeing.

This link is for some stupid drone antics.

Small helicopters and drones can start as little as $20-00 but can go up as much as $5000-00 for a personal one but the pro-drone copters $20,000 then you get the Drone aeroplanes used by the Government.

We heard the Monash University has a 3D printer that prints out a steak then it can be cooked and eaten. We spoke about the material that 3D printer uses like metals concrete and human DNA. Many members had different views.

Peter asked if anyone has something of an interesting nature please come along and let us know.

After the tea break, we went over the Power Point file on the link below.

 Link to Powerpoint file see on line or download.



Dianella SIG 14 August 2017

Peter opened the meeting and we had our usual general talk. This month we talked about programing and found two members teaching themselves Python this is a program used for robotic controlling of many things. In addition, it invented around 1995 and named after Monty Python. Gordon mentioned he was using Choreographer to control robots. Peter said his grandkids had robot controlled Lego robots. In addition, the use of robots in schools teaching children with Autism and the kids were interacting with the robots where they rarely did with other people or even each other.

Our next subject was Algorithms all computer programs are a compilation of Algorithms. The new ones are made from groups of Algorithms and arranged in a way to create a program/App. An older version was Machine Code.

The school kids are forging forward with robotics. Some schools have it in the criclum and others run after school classes in rodotics and have emence problems sending the kids home they want to spend all night working on robotics and programing.

Some kids are traveling overseas to compeat in robotic competitions.

After the tea break, we looked at our groups FaceBook site the link is on the bottom of the groups main webpage. Before the Facebook talk, we touched on flight simulaters a member from the South of the River Day SIG wishes to get in touch with a member intrested in the same thing. Sorry, we had no takers.

A program mentiond on tv called Checkout deals in a funny way with problems with purchacing goods and returns, being kept on line waiting to talk to customer service or asking for an English speeking assistant or being put on to an Australian help canter. Its on ABC http://www.abc.net.au/tv/thecheckout/

This link will take you to the ABC website whare you can view previous programs on line.

We finaly got on to FaceBook this is a form of communication many people use this and the attatched Messanger. Peter suggested we should all be using it to communicate and get help.

We went to our website http://www.perthpcug.org.au

And at the bottom of the first page is alink to FaceBook. You will be prompted to join or log in to the site.

I loged in and we started looking at some of the general content. We looked at a picture link to go to Geeks and several areas on the page this site is controlled by one of our members Martin. FaceBook is free it is paid by the advertisers listed usualy on the right.

If you have joind and have people who you have friended on FaceBook they will appear on the left under Friends. Once you have joined and loged in you can give just a like to a subject or pass it on to some one and also comment by clicking on the icons under the item ou wish to react to. Martin includes a veriety of information and links. It was worth while a look even as a visitor. The only draw back is as a visitor you will have a blank square on the screen and it makes it hard to see the pages. But like Emails be very carful about following any instructions. Some computer tips are a bit misleading. we spent some time using googgle to locate our groups FaceBook page and in the end, after tunin the search we found it. it was mentiond that the Facebook mesanger is good at sending photos. Messanger can be installed on a PC Android or IOS. It was suggested also using dropbox and alow the photos to be viewed before downloading.

We then discussed the ways we have altered photos in the past using our favorit photo editing program.

Peters Homwork:

Go in to facebook and look around send links and friend items. Also look at the website and log in or register and support the work done on your behalf.

Thanks to the people who have been on our website.

We went back in to FaceBook again and looked at some of the coments some people have left. As we were only loged in as a visitor we could not look at the comments or likes.

It was agreed on we need a facebook expert to show it properly.

The advertising on the site is not up to the holder of the page it is selected from people who visit your site.

We discussed the new windows 10 Creator. The main change is they have removed Paint and replaced it with 3D paint also some alterations to the Tiles in Metro view. It’s a long upgrade but it should be done as not all the upgrad is about asthtics to the look or program changes. Some information is to do with protecting your system things the system needs.

Peter asked for sugestions for our meetings.

We kept on going back to Facebook this time gordon used his iPad to get on to his facbook site as before we could only get on as a visitor. this site was full of intresting information. We found you can wave at people aswell as share comment and like.

We found the Facebook site can look difrent on a PC from an iPad. we looked at several points then closed it down.

Peter found the club laptop has a touch screen something new to play with.

We ran the Raffel on offer was a 16Gig Thumbdrive. Won by Allf, Congratulations.

Don’t forget to join facebook and try it out.




Dianella Evening SIG 18th September.

Peter opened the meeting and with just a small group of 6 members, we managed to fill the meeting.

Peter said all our groups’ money problems are over, as he had just gor an email from Google UK informing him we had just won £950,000 so after the meeting we could spend big. If you are not sure, this was a hoax email.

Commiserations to Sylvia who has a broken patella, we hope you get well soon.

The first question was when will we do away with passwords?

It is becoming easer with thumbprints retainer scanning and the new IPhone and iPad have facial recognition. So over the next few years, this will become more visible. Some years ago. I had a thumb scanner that plugged in to a computer, and this allowed me access to a compute like logging in and other people had their own for the same computer.

Peter set us some homework last month, which was a VPN network Virtual Personal Network. This is used to protect your surfing when you have to get on the internet to search and find items it is supposedly to protect you gainst hackers gleaning information from your network as you surfed the net. There are many VPN’s running some free and some paid. Gordon mentioned he had been trying one run by Mozilla Firefox, which is easy to set and forget. After installing Mozilla Firefox search the net for setting up Firefox VPN and get all the tips. Just be careful where you get a VPN setup, as he data you send is still accessible to the people who offer you a VPN. Some people say that using a free VPN gives the supplier of the VPN access to your surfing data. However, it is not just the surfing data but when you enter delicate details you may be vulnerable.

We looked at some of the people supplying VPN accounts free and paid.
Peter showed some of the comments left by people some for and some against
a VPN. While peter was awaiting a slow connection, Gordon asked when using google to search in IE or Firefox how can I stop the google popup asking again if I wish to use them for my search. This from the net:- “Click No thanks. Your response will be recorded in a browser cookie.
Don't delete Google cookies and you shouldn't see the message again”.

Comments on Free VPN, they are saying the free VPN service provider is under no obligation to do what they say. This link is for the Top 10 VPN paid services and it’s not the more expensive the VPN the better it is. You can find many more and many offer fast streaming, you don’t change your ISP or email address. See Video.

If you are installing a new program before installing do a search for a forum or people commenting on the program in question.

We were at this point, prompted for a celebration as Peter was in controle of the laptop.

Then we discussed Ted Talks. Short talks on every subject you can think of.
Originally invented without a computer and made by academics wishing to share their thoughts. Give us some feedback on your Ted Talks and send us the URL.

Peter mentioned EBooks Marylou said she got her EBooks from the library others said they get magazines and in some cases released the day before publication.

Mentioned was the Gutenberg Project, this link contains thousands of books that are out of print and are free to download. We spoke about Talking books. The free ones are not so good the presenter often talks with an accent and all the same tone. However, some of the books are very good and worth a few dollars if you are interested. Some long distant truck drivers and farmers use them on long trips. You may be able to download talking books from the library. You use Over Drive to access EBooks and Talking books from the library if you are a member. Several of our members use EBooks and Talking Books.
Marylou asked about synchronizing her eBooks from her IPad to her iPhone the help is on the Overdrive site. This is a problem with several programs with Syncing. Ewallet was causing a problem with synchronising and this is due to people start by having different file names on each device and the safe way is to create your passwords on one device then export to the other devices and then synchronizing should work providing your devices are all on the same network.

After the tea break. The door prize was a 16Gig thumb drive won by Maryloo, congratulations.

Next, an app for android called Photo scan this allows you to edit the size of the picture while taking the photo. Also mentioned Infinity Shop for photo editing.
This was a quite in-depth disunion about the finer points of photo editing.
More than I can fit in this report. This included in painting and facial recognition over years cones colures and retainers.

We closed the night with the usual short life stories we all have.

Come to our next meeting and join in the interesting conversation and friendship.




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