South of the River SIG Reports 2018

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Perth PCUG SOR 18 Oct 2018 meeting notes

We connected to the internet using Gordon’s PCUG portable device, because of building work at RAAFA, and then our long HDMI cable to the TV as normal. We could also have used a phone as a mobile hotspot.

For short messages we tested an IPhone to an Android phone successfully, just selecting a contact, and choosing the message option instead of the voice call. IPhone uses Facebook Messenger, but the test message appeared in Android Message with no problem. I also use WhatsApp, including for video calls to England. These message systems are simpler than email for short messages, and pictures can be inserted.

Whenever we use a search engine like Google, it gathers information about us, which they sell to advertisers. That is the price we pay for a world of knowledge, most of it accurate.

I had no longer been unable to copy my photos from an Android phone to my laptop. Finally I found that they had been moved to the Samsung Cloud, which I had never heard of. On installing that on my laptop, I was able to download them. Apple, Windows, and Android are increasingly doing those things, confusing people who like to know where their files are.

Watch for Gordon’s email about a special meeting in November.

Mal Dennett


PCUG SOR Group Meeting Notes 20 September 2018

Gordon demonstrated software “Reflector”-free initially, then $14.95. It allows work on one computer screen to be viewed on a second screen simultaneously.

We helped a member with a new IPad and a failed phone battery.

Several useful free apps for messaging including phone photos.., voice and video calls were discussed. Skype is still good, Viber is a bit out of fashion. WhatsApp seems to be preferred by I billion users on Android and Apple.

From the Members only table in our website, Gordon showed as sample from “APCUG Push Data and Tricks “. These are frequently added to and are very interesting and useful – well worth browsing.

We talked about where to collect and store important information. Passwords etc could be in eWallet or a similar protected file.  Seniors should also consider telling family members about where to find other information, and Enduring Power of Guardianship.                                        


South of the River Day SIG 16-8-2018
Some members are attending useful free or inexpensive sessions from the August Calendar. Melville council does it well, and Gordon advised of some who travelled there from Joondalup.

The paragraphs below are copied from an email that Melville sends me each month, and you can join their mailing list if you wish. That is easier than drilling down to the Melville Council Digital Hub and the libraries part of their website.

The September Digital Hub calendar is now available! Bookings can be made online through the Technology Training Calendar.

Sessions are held at City of Melville Libraries and the Willagee Community Centre. Library sessions can be booked online or by phone on 9364 0138 and Willagee Community Centre sessions can be booked by phone on 9364 0848. Places are limited and bookings are essential, please contact us for more information.

After attending a session there on Android tablets, which seem very good, I intended to buy one to replace my Windows 10 laptop. I called in at DV computers at Melville, who always have a good number of reconditioned laptops etc. They had a hybrid Toshiba Portege which undocks from a keyboard to act as a tablet or docks to be a 12 inch laptop. It is a fast I5 W10 with 250GB of storage and only cost me $290.

We had a good meeting, exchanging a lot of information, and solving a few problems.

We hope to see you at our next meeting. They are every third Thursday of each month.1PM at RAAFA Bullcreek, Meg Olive Room.

Mal Dennett


SIG Meeting Notes July.

Another good meeting and very interesting. Lots of shared good information.

Gordon gave a demonstration of webmail. You can log in to your internet service provider (ISP) e.g Iinet, Telstra from anywhere, select webmail and see all of your emails, inbox, sent etc. They are always kept on the ISP server. From there they are also visible on your own computer mail app. Great for when you cannot use your own phone or computer.

We revisited making cards, calendars etc, and saw examples from Snapfish. You can join it and simply produce a huge range of personalised products. They can be sent to you, or you can pick them up at Kmart. Well worth a look.

Printers: Lasers are good for big volumes, except on textured paper. Inkjet printers can now be bought with refillable ink tanks, again good for big volumes. At the cheap printer end, non-genuine cartridges range from poor to good. My cartridges from Cartridge World work well with Epson.

Gillian has just bought a Photodrive – a thumb drive especially for photos. Report next month?

I went to a good free session at Melville hub on Android tablets, and have now bought a refurbished light tablet/laptop very cheaply at DV Computers.

There is a big company called Geeks 2 U who does house calls. Has anyone tried them?


Mal Dennett


PCUG SOR Meeting Notes 21 June 2018

Allan gave a useful presentation on using Photoshop Elements to create Christmas Cards etc. Joan was unavailable but sent me one created with Microsoft Publisher. I cannot yet find an application that will open that .pub file or convert it to .jpg. Peter showed other example cards and is looking for a free app for them.

This led us to using computers at Officeworks or Kmart. Mal takes photos there on a thumb drive for making inexpensive calendars.

Some of us use online applications especially Snapfish for creating good quality cheap photo albums. They have specials and postage can be saved by pick up from Kmart.

Mal showed Snipit- a simple free tool for selecting parts of a picture or text for copying and pasting.

Many of us use a free version of CCleaner for Windows computer maintenance. It is reliable and good for cleaning out unwanted files that accumulate very quickly.

WhatsApp is Facebook owned freeware widely used for exchanging messages, photos etc, and for internet based phone and video calls. It seems to work between Iphone and Android phones.

Next month 19 July we follow up on some items, Gordon will demonstrate webmail, and we will exchange Q&A and other useful information as always.

Mal Dennett.


PCUG SOR Meeting 17 May 2018 - Notes

Helmut’s useful demonstration of Open Office strongly suggests that this free app does all that the paid Microsoft Office does for word processing, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, in the same formats as MS Office.

The topic of producing and exchanging documents between IPad and Windows produced some confusion at the meeting, with some solutions later. The basic problem was the big difference in approach between Apple and Windows systems. Windows enthusiasts expect to create a document in MS Word (or Open Office as above) which when named ends in .doc or.docx. They can save it in a user controlled filing system, searchable with Windows Explorer. Apple and Ipad users at our meeting seem to be happy to create documents in “pages” or possibly “notes” and find them by simply opening that application.

After the meeting I was sent a test document by Leith in .docx format created in “pages”. (Is that a free Apple app?). Also some detailed work by Gordon as follows:

To send almost any file from an iPad to a pc or other device.

  1. Your iPad does not have a file system like a PC. All your files are linked to the programs that made them. Therefore, you just have to remember what app created the file you wish to send and open it.
  2. You can get all MS programs on an iPad as well as several note taking apps and some that will allow you to draw on the screen with an apple pencil.
  3. Open the app associated with your file and in most cases, you will be see a list, sometimes in a graphics form, of the files created with the app that you just opened.
  4. Either along the top or along the bottom of the app you will see an icon. Like a folder with an up pointing arrow or maybe the word “share” or even a row of dots.
  5. Click on whichever one you see and you will be given a list of apps you can use to transfer the file with to the PC or other device. Apps like Email, Facebook, Dropbox, Disk wizard and many others,
  6. When you select the transfer app that App will open and you will have to make some selections depending which app you use.
  7. In the case of the standard iPad email app when you select the icon that looks like an envelope and the app opens, enter the receiver’s email address, the subject and write a short note on what you are sending and click send in the top right.
  8. When the person you sent it to gets the email and opens it the file will usually open. If not it will ask you if you would like to go to the Microsoft app store to locate an app to open the file with.
    At no time should you be concerned with the extensions on files to associate them with a The application on the iPad sends the file and the other device will open it or auto prompt to select an app.
    You can get file managers on an iPad but they are quite difficult to start with, making folders to save your files in and associating the file to the folder.

To send a word document from a Windows computer to an iPad.

  1. On the PC, open MS Outlook or your usual email program.
  2. Start a new email, placing the email address you are sending it to and the subject.
  3. Then enter some text to describe what you are sending.
  4. In outlook look for the paperclip and click on it, a small version of Windows Explorer will open click on the file and at the bottom select “attach”.
    Some other email programs may have Attachment instead of the paperclip and other such items that do the same job.
  5. Click on send.
  6. On the iPad open your email program and as a PC, they have several email apps.
  7. In addition, the email will appear with the attachment.
  8. If you press your finger on the attachment, it should open.
  9. If it does not open, it will most likely mean you do not have an app associated with the attachment.
  10. However, it’s OK as the iPad realises this and opens a box asking you if you would like to go to the app store to find a suitable app and when there it will list an appropriate app to open the file.
    Usually, if the file you send is a Microsoft file, i.e. made in MS Word or PowerPoint the appropriate conversion will work. On some occasions, it will open the file so you can read only. Then on the IPad, you can open the file with another app.
    At no time is there any reason to worry about the extension on the file you are sending the sending and receiving system will handle that.

Gordon Giles 18 May 2018.

In June we will explore creating and printing Christmas cards and similar- Allan, Peter and/or Joan.

I will be overseas for a month but am happy to still get emails.

Mal Dennett


January 17th 2018

For 2018 we are planning a renewed focus on members helping members, and made a good start.

  • Group members solved some problems and shared information at the meeting.
  • Gordon will review our website for contacts who have offered help, and hopefully we can expand that list.
  • Apple and Iphone users can install the free Apple Icon. That gives a diary of topics and an online booking service for free group sessions at The Garden City shop, and they are good at helping people walking in with problems.
  • Search City of Melville “Digital Hub” for the Technology Training Calendar, not yet installed for 2018. It has on line booking for one on one sessions ($5/hr), Group sessions for Windows (six weeks for $30), and “Open Access” at Willagee (Mondays 10-12 am, walk in for gold coin donation).
  • COTA WA (See their website,  “Computer classes”) has group and one on one sessions at Victoria Park at low cost. Also one of their trainers John Purser will privately visit a member for $60 /hr ($45 for two people), with no charge for travel. 0433 976972.
  • Our November speaker David (PC Mobile Help Desk 0412 601158) will also visit for $70-90 per hour.
  • Some members have found DV computers at Myaree good for equipment problems and cheap reconditioned computers.

 At our meeting, we dealt with copying photos from phones to Windows laptops. Connect phone and laptop, and use File  Explorer on the laptop to find the plugged in phone and its stored photos. It is good to copy all or selected photos to a new desktop folder e.g.” phone photos”, and edit them there before filing permanently. Only then delete from phone if desired.

Other topics were synchronising contacts between devices, Virus/malware protection, and scanning old photo negatives and colour slides.

Mal Dennett.


PCUG SOR Group Meeting 15 Feb 2018 Notes

A good number of members and two new guests had a successful meeting.

We continue to explore “Members Helping Members” and inexpensive outside help sources.

A brief summary of progress is attached:

  • The PCUG Website home page has a help link to Tricia. She may pass the problem to other expert members.
  • SOR Group members are invited to help form a small SOR subgroup to solve some problems outside our meetings. Please contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to get small group emails asking for help.
  • Apple and IPhone users can install the free Apple Icon. That gives a diary of topics and an online booking service for free group sessions at the Garden City shop, and they are good at helping people walking in with problems.
  • Search City of Melville “Digital Hub” for the Technology Training Calendar. It is great and has on line or phone booking for:
    • One on one sessions ($5/hr), Willagee (green)or Garden City (light blue)
    • Group sessions on listed topics, max four people (free) at Willagee;
    • Six week courses ($30), and
    • Open Access at Willagee (Mondays 10-12 am, walk in for gold coin donation).
    • Bookings fill up quickly when the programs are listed about 15th of previous month.
  • COTA WA (See their website, “Computer classes”) has group and one on one sessions at Victoria Park at low cost. Also one of their trainers John Purser will privately visit a member for $60 /hr ($45 for two people), with no charge for travel. 0433 976972.
  • Our November 2017 speaker David (PC Mobile Help Desk 0412 601158) will also visit for $70-90 per hour.
  • Some members have found DV computers at Myaree (29 Hulme Court – 9329 9028) good for equipment problems and cheap reconditioned computers.

Bob described an identity fraud from Facebook, where someone pretended to be him using some profile information on the site.

Google translate is a free online service that will translate text between languages.

Some members with PCUG email addresses via Westnet, have very slow responses. Cause and cure are not clear.

Alan has experienced very slow loading of multiple photos on Facebook. Cure is not clear for possible large photos size. Outside Facebook, some email systems and photo management software enable resizing f our photos. A photo can be reduced from 3Mb to about 300 Kb in an email without apparent loss of resolution.

We commonly get about 5GB of free cloud storage and can buy more. Our emails are commonly backed up or stored in the cloud using Webmail from Telstra, Optus etc. This is valuable when travelling. We can also back up our documents, photos etc using Dropbox and other cloud sites. Plug in hard drives are now cheap, but must be unplugged after use.

Please attend the PCUG AGM on 7 March 7-8 pm at our RAAFA venue. A short business session, and an interesting talk on GIFs, followed by supper.

Mal Dennett



SoR SIG 15-11-2018.

Greetings All

It was good to have our President Peter Scales, committee members and other visiting members stay for our meeting after the special general PCUG meeting. Special thanks to Peter and Gordon for looking after our best interests in dealing with the necessary legalities of Associations.

At our SOR group meeting we first talked about various portable gadgets for internet connection . Gordon has one, Mal has a Telstra one, phones can be uses as a mobile hot spot.

Members use various ways to exchange messages, phone calls, video calls, and internet data. NBN modems can have a phone connected. Many of us still use ADSL or wireless broadband. Service providers transmit voice and data, and use 3G and 4G frequencies from their towers.  Volte is “voice over Long Term Evolution”. It is an sound quality enhancement on 4G signals available on many phones. Skype and WhatsApp are good for cheap communication, including video calls.

We discussed the Choice Technology magazine article on photo books, calendars etc. Domayne, Harvey Norman, Big W, Kmart, Snapfish and others allow preparation of personalised photo books, calendars etc surprisingly easily, either on the internet or in person at stores.

Because the kitchen at the RAAFA Meg Olive room where we meet is still being refurbished we adjourned to the RAAFA Club nearby for afternoon coffee, missing out on Allan’s normal great afternnon tea supplies.

Christmas Lunch.

Gillian has booked a big table at the RAAFA Club at Bullcreek for our Christmas lunch on Tuesday 4 December at 12 PM. The canopy entrance is visible from the entrance gates or from our Meg Olive room. All welcome, please put it in your diaries now, and let me know if you plan to attend. Message 0428941063 or email


Mal Dennett,



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