Warning Scam.

What happens with this scam.

It starts with a friend on Facebok Messenger asking if you got your money from the draw as they just got about $2500.000.

You ask them how and they produce a link you go to the link and then add this lady as a messenger friend. Shortly after this, the new friend informs you our Facebook profile is in the database draw. And then it starts they ask if you will complete a form. Then after the form is completed the kicker they want a cash payment or an online transfer in the two to three thousand range for handling and packaging. All the time your socialed friend is asking how things are going and how far have you gone.

Well, this happened to me but as the amount of money they wanted as clearance was almost all I had I asked the friend just a simple question that only this friend would know. Guess what she left Facebook. And at this point so did I.

But I reported it to the Scam watch of the ACCC.


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