President’s Column.

Fellow Members, 21-5-2018

Your computer user group, PPCUG, continues to function, enabling Members to help each other use their computers more efficiently and more effectively. Our numbers are in slight decline as Members age, pass on, or lose interest in more adventurous computing, and restrict their activities to email, communications, etc. But we are still solvent and will continue to run the Club as long as enough Members are interested.

But there are other challenges. Computers are no longer desktops or laptops. There are now a myriad of options, besides the ubiquitous mobile phone/powerful computer/ camera etc. And many Members no longer want to attend meetings. Some don’t drive at night. Some don’t drive at all. And some just don’t want to go out anymore. We are attempting to grapple with these problems.

As you all realise we no longer publish the hard copy AXESS magazine (as we have no Editor, and printing and postage costs are high), and even the online Newsletter has ceased, mainly due to lack of contributions from Members. These two changes mean it is now much harder to keep in contact with our Members. But there is a solution, and it is one that is very appropriate for a computer club. We have a website, with a Members Only area, and we have a Facebook page.

Now I know many of our Members do not use Facebook or the myriad of other social media platforms that are available and so beloved by the younger generations. That’s as may be. I am not seeking to convert anyone to become a social media user. But if you want to use our Facebook page, for queries, discussions or contributions, it is there for the using.

Which brings me to my main point, our website. This is an ideal mechanism of communication for a computer user group. But many Members are not using it. It is easy to use. Search for ‘ppcug’ and it comes up top of the list. All the general information is immediately available. To go to the Members Only area, go to ‘Members Login & Logout’. You will need a User Name and a Password. Then you will find lots of interesting things. Some Members even send in Jokes, which you can read in the ‘Members Fun Corner’. Some may be corny. Perhaps you can do better

And when you’ve finished browsing don’t forget to log out!

Over to you, Members. Help us to help you, to improve the Club’s communications, and to make life better and easier for all of us.

Peter Scales, President.

21 May 2018.

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