A Division Of The Perth PC Users Group Inc.

Convener: Peter

Jim Satchell Hall, Light Street, Dianella.

Reports 2017
Date/Time: Meeting the second Monday of each month excepting January.
Starting at 6-45pm to 9pm
Remuneration: $4-00 Members and Visitors.
General Meeting Profile: We start with a Back to Basics
Then our main demonstration.

Then a short tea break and next Q and A.


January 2017            
 February 11th  2018  

Hi all computer friends. Happy New Year!

Well, January has gone already, so 2018 looks like being a very short year.

We meet again at 6-45pm next Mon, 11 Feb, and I look forward to catching up with you all then.

We will be discussing our program for this year and setting priorities for the things you want to consider.

The South of the River SIG has prioritised things we want to be able to do but need some help to carry them out.

This could well be a good plan for us too.

We will also look briefly at the NBN.

Hope to see you all there.

Cheers, Peter.

 March 12

Hi All,

I regret that our DESIG Meeting for Mon 12 March has had to be cancelled due to unavailability of key personnel.

We will meet next on Mon 9 April to discuss Private Networks.

If you already use a Private Network you might like to share your experiences with us.

If not, you might like to do some preparatory homework.

Google VPN and explore. It will make the SIG discussion more interesting and useful.

Cheers, Peter, Convenor.



 Google VPN and tell us your findings. this will be our subject.




Hi All

Our next meeting is Monday 11 June at 6.46pm
Peter is away so I will be hosting the evening.
I have nothing as yet so I hope you have some interesting
things or question you can bring along.



July 9th

Hi All,

The weather is clearing so we should be free of this rain by the weekend.

Recently we have looked at modern gifs and emoticoms used in personal greetings.

On Monday we will look at what has happened to greeting cards.

We have the subscription Jacquie Lawson system, which I know some of you use. then a free one. Greeting Cards Factory Delux.

And some still make their own cards using Photoshop.

There are also a number of tailored Apps which make card creation easy and fun,

Come prepared to share your experience, so we can all use an appropriate and convenient system.

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Cheers, Peter.


 August 13th
Gordon will demonstrate the new non-evasive, blood   glucose meter.
And we will have the usual Q and Q as always.

All are welcome bring a friend.
 September 10th

We will take a look at the Push Data tips on our Clubs Website. and the usual Q and A.
Bring a friend.


 October 8th

This month we will attempt to try a program called Reflections 3. To connect IPad, Android phones and tablets wirelessly to a projector. In addition, our usual Q and A.

Please come along and support our group, bring a friend.

 November 12th
Sorry no meeting tonight
December  10th

At this SIG meeting, we will be looking at computer security. What do you use? What is available?

 From virus checkers to spam blockers and key loggers.
 As its our last meeting for the year please bring a
 plate    for our festive party.

Come along bring a friend or if you are thinking of joining come and see us.



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