A Division Of The Perth PC Users Group Inc.

Convener: Peter

Jim Satchell Hall, Light Street, Dianella.

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Date/Time: Meeting the second Monday of each month excepting January.
Starting at 6-45pm to 9pm
Remuneration: $4-00 Members and Visitors.
General Meeting Profile: We start with a Back to Basics
Then our main demonstration.

Then a short tea break and next Q and A.


January 2019            
 February 11th  2019

Well 2019 is here with a vengeance, and January is already history. Where does the time go?

We meet again next Monday 11 Feb at 6-45.

We will discuss what is available on the internet for people like us, of advanced years and less than perfect health. So bring along any helpful sites you know about, to share with your fellow Members.

See you all on Monday.

Cheers, Peter.

 March 13th

We will be looking again at the Google Home Mini in more detail.
and as usual the Q and A will be a big part of this evening.
Come along bring a friend.




 June 10th

we will be discusing the iminent closure of the PC users Group an things you may have to do to continue with your mail. and our usual Q and A.
July 8th

Hi, Peter would like to invite you to our Dianella SIG meeting 6-45pm Monday 8th July 2019.

He will be discussing the closure of the Perth PC Users Group and what you may have to do.

We will be looking at push data available on our group's website. And the usual Q and Q please come and bring a friend.

Remember if you are a member you no longer pay membership fees so for some this will be free except for the $4-00 entry fee to cover the hall rental Etc.

See you their.

 August 12th

, I am sorry to say our Monday 12 August meeting has been cancilled. pleas check the website before comming to meetings. next month will be on as far as i know.


 We will be looking at how to conect your home TV to a google chrome unit so you can see your PV on the TV or watch Netflix if you have an account.
we will be having the Usual Q and A.

Come along and join the sesion.



 We will be looking at an app caled Med Advisor and discusing what we will do for our last meeting in November and what happens after.
come along and bring your questions.

 very last meeting.



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