A Division Of The Perth PC Users Group Inc.

Convener: Peter

Jim Satchell Hall, Light Street, Dianella.

Date/Time: Meeting the second Monday of each month excepting January.
Starting at 6-45pm to 9pm
Remuneration: $4-00 Members and Visitors.
General Meeting Profile: We start with a Back to Basics
Then our main demonstration.

Then a short tea break and next Q and A.


January 2017            
 February 13th  2017  

Fellow DESIG Members,

Happy New Year !

It's hard to believe it's Feb already, but it is, and we meet again on Mon 13th at 6-45pm.

We'll start with a discussion of interesting computer topics that have arisen at other SIG's to help us set our program priorities for 2017.

We have a practical problem to grapple with -- getting an old C-drive into a new caddy for a Win10 computer. You can all watch and learn, and probably contribute suggestions!?

We will look at syncing emails, etc on multiple devices.

If time permits we will also look at available sources for health info, before Q & A.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Cheers, Peter, Convenor.


 March 13th


Time flies, the AGM is over, and DESIG is on again on Monday evening.

Hope to see you all there.

Sylvia and Marylou will tell us how Apps made their recent overseas holiday.

We'll also look at NBN progress and how to plan for it, and  look at Spoof Emails.

Bring along an App you like or have recently discovered, plus your Questions, Answers or Comments.

See you there on Monday,

Cheers, Peter, Convenor



May 8th

What's new in technology: A Powerpoint demonstration and discussion.

Q and A, Thena Door prize.

please bring a friend.



 June 12th

Our next meeting is Monday 12 June at Light Street.

Peter is away and I will be taking the meeting.

If you have any question you would like to ask, any Aps you wish to share please bring them along.

I believe we are going to look at the club web site.

See you at 6.45pm

July 10th

Hi All,

We will be meeting next Monday 10 July at 6-45 as usual.

Bring along your queries, news or gadgets.

And remember interested friends are welcome.

There will be no meeting in August, as City of Stirling is doing further upgrades on the hall.

But we have passed the shortest day, so Spring is coming, and we'll meet on Mon 11 Sept.

Cheers, Peter.

 August 14th

Hi All,

Contrary to earlier advice our Meeting Room will be available on Mon 14 August. Only the Main Hall will be closed.

So I hope to see as many of you as possible, weather permitting. (Spring won't be long now.)

We will look at the PPCUG Facebook page, and some of the interesting info available on line from the TED Talks,

plus anything else you care to bring up.

 September 11th

Hi All,

We meet again on Monday at 6-45.

Come along to share your recent computing experiences.

We will look at Free VPN's (which may not always be a goods idea),

on line Tutorials and TED Talks.

Plus the usual Q & A and any other topics you might like to raise.

See you there,

Cheers, Peter, Convenor.



Hi All,

We meet again on Monday 9th at 6-45pm.

Now that some Spring weather has arrived hope to see a good turnout.

Bring along any recent experiences or observations that should be shared with the rest of us.

Cheers, Peter.







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