(Special Interest Group)

A Division of the Perth PC Users Group Inc.

Convener: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Phone 0428 941063

Venue: RAAF Association, Bullcreek Drive, Bullcreek 6149.

Meetings January to November from 1:00pm to 3:30 on the 3rd.Thursday of each month 

 Cover charge: $4-00 Members and Visitors.
General Meeting Profile:
Starting with a prepared  demonstration of software hardware or a technique.
A short break for refreshments.Then Questions & Answers.


January 2017 Report:           
 February 16th

Greetings All
Our next meeting is 12:45 to 3pm on Thurs 16th, and we hope to see you at RAAFA Meg Olive room.
It seems that our room is available for at least some months after some doubt.T
hanks to Gillian and a RAAFA contractor, it seems that our problems with connecting to the TV may be solved. We need a new connector for new model Ipads, but other equipment seems OK . That will permit us to share our problems on a bigger screen.
Also if time permits we can have a show and tell about getting photos from a phone onto a laptop, and see some interesting ones on the TV.

Regards Mal Dennett.

 March  2016 Report:  

 April 2017


May 18th

Hi All

Next meeting 1 pm Meg Olive Room RAAFA.

Depending on what else is exciting, I suggest that we spend some time exploring the PCUG website and maybe PCUG on Facebook.

For homework before the meeting, it would be good if you make sure that you know how to get into the members only area. “Members log in” will tell you how. An aim is to give our webmaster some feedback on possible errors and improvements. There is some good material on the website, and it is worth saving the link on your internet favourites.

Also as normal please be ready to offer any problems or interesting items that you have.


 June 15th


HI All

I hope to see you at the Meg Olive Room RAAFA next week, including any Committee members and visitors. Some new information on smart phones and service providers to share. It would be good for us to talk about what phones, laptops etc we prefer to use. What do we use them for, and what interests us on the internet? As always, please be ready to share problems and solutions.

Regards Mal.


 July 20th

Hi All

I hope that you can come to our Thursday 20 July meeting 12.45 for 1pm at RAAFA Meg Olive Room. Feel free to bring a visitor.

This month  we are hoping that Leith will be available to talk about handling photos.

August has Family History week in Perth, with lots of free meetings. I will bring some brochures, and can talk about family history and war service research if time permits.

I have had some unexpected great service from Telsta recently. They also sent me the following link which you may find interesting.

Most important at every meeting are your Q&A issues, so please share information and ask questions. We have lined up for August John on Windows 10 and in September Gillian on the wonders of IPad.


Mal Dennett

0428 941063


 August 17th

Our next meeting is Thursday 17 August at the Meg Olive room at RAAFA 12.45 PM as usual. Gillian has provided us with details of the temporary meeting room change for September, including on the PCUG website.

For the August meeting,  we plan to have John talking on Windows 10 as originally planned, followed by Leith on “What you can do with pictures” in September, and Gillian on the wonders of IPad in October. All meetings will have Q & A and will  welcome input on any phone or computer related topics.

I hope that you can attend for another good meeting


 September 21st

21 september 14 december have been changed to the Vic Murray Room at Alice Ross-King care Centre AFME-RAAFA (WA DIVISION)INC Bull Creek Estate.
September will be Leith on what to do with photos, plus our normal flood of Q&A information.

I hope to see you there, plus any new visitors.

Map ETC.


 October 2017

 November 2016
December 2017 14 december have been changed to the Vic Murray Room at Alice Ross-King care Centre AFME-RAAFA (WA DIVISION)INC Bull Creek 

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